OSD Error when deploying via USB

I am getting the error attached when deploying OS from USB.

Is anyone experienced the same.

[2017/05/05 16:05:51] IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS deployment Web extension 64 bits v. (280.63)
[2017/05/05 16:05:51] Licensed Materials - Property of IBM. L-PSCN-7SXJVW
[2017/05/05 16:05:51] © Copyright IBM Corporation 1998, 2016.
[2017/05/05 16:05:51] All Rights Reserved. IBM, the IBM logo, and Tivoli are trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries or both.
[2017/05/05 16:05:57] Available memory (16591085371392) , reserved memory (5530361790464)
[2017/05/05 16:05:57] Number of spools in cache is 512
[2017/05/05 16:05:57] W Packages not found at path local://root/x$/rbagent.pak
[2017/05/05 16:05:58] W Patch starting parameters in registry
[2017/05/05 16:05:58] W Parsing Starting parameters
[2017/05/05 16:06:01] W Forcing remap to local disk path
[2017/05/05 16:06:05] W Error raised by ParseWinpe2Options in rbagent.rbc, line 2997 [:0]
[2017/05/05 16:06:05] W Unknown error (Error while trying to copy rbagent executable)
[2017/05/05 16:06:05] W (called from CreateAgentBatchFromOptions (rbagent.rbc:3034))
[2017/05/05 16:06:05] W (called from AgentStartEnvNoKernel (rbagent.rbc:4078))
[2017/05/05 16:06:05] W (called from AgentStartWinpe2NoKernel (rbagent.rbc:3510))
[2017/05/05 16:06:05] W (called from AgentDispatch (rbagent.rbc:4387))
[2017/05/05 16:06:05] W (called from --toplevel-- (rbagent.rbc:4814))


You find a solution? same error

Looks most likely like the WinPE on the USB drive does not include a storage driver for the hard drive type in the machine. The easiest way to check is to CTRL-C out of the rbagent.bat script, which will drop you onto the command prompt, and use ‘diskpart’ to see whether the hard drive is visible.

If you are missing a storage driver, you can add drivers through the Driver Library, then you’ll need to regenerate the USB drive.

I had logged a case with IBM Support.

They provided me a new rbagent.exe and copied that to the OSD folder in the server and recreated the USB media.

The issue was happening because after the diskpart run in the OSD task, it will create the partitions defined and later the task is not able to get the drive letters which made in the disk part action.

This was a bug in the software and the bigfix developers were involved in the case.They told me they will release a new patch and this will be fixed in that.

I am not sure they release it or not.

You can register a support case and fix it by them as the rbagent exe and some other files provided by them is not publicly available for fix.