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Hi Guys,

I am new to this Forum, I have a quick Question…

When we Capture an Image ( WIN7) from a Physical Machine , after the capture the Physical machine looses its boot files to its OS in its HDD , Had to recover the whole lot.

Any advice on this or is it better to capture a Virtual machine …

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Are you setting up the boot partition after laying down the image? Typically this simple command works for us.

bcdboot c:\windows

Use whatever your Windows install path is. There are a bunch of options, so use whichever ones are appropriate to you.

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It’s strongly recommended to capture wim image out of a virtual machine for the reasons below:

  1. Wim captured from physical machine will implicitly carry drivers for that physical hardware.
  • These physical drivers may conflict with other physical drivers (for other hardware model).
  • Similarly, wim captured from VM will carry VM drivers, but these VM drivers are less likely to conflict with the drivers for the physical machines.
  1. Because sysPrep will run during the capture, you may not get the original OS back at the end, or you may need to enter a product key.