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In our environment, BigFix is installed on a virtual machine with two drives. The first drive © is small and used for programs. The second drive is large (D) and is used for storing data.

I recently tried to image my first machine and found out that OS Deployment creates a temp file on the C drive which is the smaller of the two drives. The temp file used up almost all of the space on the C drive and almost brought the virutal server to a halt. Is there settings that I can change so that the temp file is created in the D drive? Currently the temp file is being placed in C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Temp.

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What kind of data is being copied to this temp folder? Are you seeing duplication (e.g. is the same data being copied over to the D: )?

What is the deployment job you are doing? XP->7 or XP->XP?

What drive is your BigFix client installed on (C: or D: ) ?

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The data that is being copied to the temp drive is the image that I had created. The image resides on another server. I don’t know if there is duplication to the D, the server team did not report any duplication.

I am deploying a Windows 7 32 bit image to an XP machine. The image I captured came from a like machine.

BigFix is installed on the root of the D drive.

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Hmm - interesting. I will attempt to reproduce this behavior and report back.

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I want to add that I am using the console from my laptop and not on the server.

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Hey David,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. How prevalent is this setup (data drive / system drive) in the environment of computers you intend on re-imaging (i.e. 60%? 98%?) .

Currently we are somewhat limited in our ability to support this for the general case, but I can offer a workaround for you. The reason the data is copied to your system drive is because we put it there (I sometimes go by the nickname Captain Obvious hehe) – e.g. in the “Download and Set up MDT Resource Files” action of MAG 1 we use parameters to specify where to move files.

Please send me an email if you want the workaround.