OS Deployment Error

We have configured Bare Metal OS Deployment server in a subnet where DHCP server is not configured. Now we have created a target in different subnet where DHCP server is configured but while performing network boot it is showing below error on the target:

PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received.
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.
Operating System not found

Upon checking the OSD server configuration, it shows the DHCP Server status is Inactive, I guess this is because the DHCP server is not available in the subnet where the OSD server is installed. Screenshot attached for the OSD server configuration.

Can anybody help me to get rid of the issue?


that message could not be 100% reliable, it depends on the network configuration.
In any case it’s only a status report and, if the DHCP is correctly working and configured, the bare metal server is fully functional even if the status reported is inactive.
Can you find, in the DHCP server logs, that an IP address has been assigned to that target?
If you find that the DHCP server is not working properly, after fixing it, you can try again to PXE boot the target without additional configuration (proxy DHCP functionality).
If DHCP server logs confirm that it is providing the IP address to the target computer but you still receive this message, DHCP options must be configured (43 and 60 for Legacy booted computers like this) following the documentation at the following link ->

Hi @sergio_tarchi, as I’ve stated we don’t have any DHCP server configured in the subnet where OSD server is available. But we have DHCP server configured in another subnet where the target is available.

No, IP address is not assigned to the target which performed network boot.

Is it possible to have OSD server configured in a subnet where DHCP server is not available?

Can we configure DHCP option 43 in the DHCP server in the subnet where target is available, will it find the OSD server which is available in different subnet?

N.B. Please check this, both target and OSD server are available in different subnet. No DHCP server is available in the subnet where OSD server is configured, but DHCP server is available in the subnet where target is available.


sorry, I understood that you also moved the OSD server in the network where the DHCP is available.
For the OSD server to work cross networks, some ports must be opened.
You can find more details here ->
Otherwise, you can use OSD server even if th DHCP server is not available leveraging on network boot media -> https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS63NW_9.5.0/com.ibm.bigfix.lifecycle.doc/Lifecycle/OSD_Users_Guide/c_create_dep_media.html
providing a fixed IP address in the deployment media wizard.

There is no restrictions on ports as I can connect to port 443 which is a TCP port for OSD WebUI. And firewall on the OSD server is disabled, so I hope there is no problem with ports.

Just want to confirm if we can configure DHCP option 60 and 43 in the DHCP server available in the subnet where target is available, which is a different subnet than OSD server?


yes, if all the required ports between the network where the DHCP server is and the network where the OSD server is, it works.

Let us try this and post the outcome.

After adding option 43 and 60 to the DHCP server, targets are able to perform PXE boot.