OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging Health Check


We are running BigFix on Windows 2016 and are planning on using the OS Deployment and Bare Metal content. When we try and open the health check dashboard we are getting a message that Flash is required. WE are at site version 102.We have synced the site and we believe we are at the correct version. Assuming we are why is Flash required?

I think you have the wrong site activated. Unfortunately we have two different content sites and their names are very similar, often a source of confusion.
“OS Deployment” is very old, deprecated content no longer maintained.
“OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging” is the site you need, with HTML5 rather than Flash dashboards.

Thank you. So maybe its just me but would it make sense to remove depreciated sites from the License Overview Dashboard?

That would maybe be a question for @Aram. I think there could be a concern that customers could still be using that deprecated content, though we haven’t maintained it in a long time.