Oracle WebLogic Patch

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Does BigFix do WebLogic patching? WebLogic on a RHEL 7.4 Server.

No, it is not supported.

Please open an RFE if it is needed.

Product management team will look into it.

You can create your own fixlet to do WLS patching. We have done it for years with CPU patches for WLS, Oracle database, and more. These custom fixlets get applied to over 1000 servers in our environment successfully.

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Do you happen to be able to share Fixlets for that purpose?

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The custom WebLogic fixlets our organization uses are not mine to share. My colleague has invested significant time into them. I’ll defer to him if he wishes to share them.

I can share some general tips based on what I know of the WLS patching process.

Stop any running applications that use WLS and disable them. Terminate any residual Java processes that remain. Stop and disable anything that may try to latch onto any WLS files including security tools, monitoring tools, and OS processes (on Windows that includes WMI and DCOM). If necessary, reboot OS with everything disabled as a last ditch way to clear anything hung. Backup WLS tree structure. Uninstall any prior patches called out by the WLS CPU release notes. Install the patch. Verbosely log each step you take so you can determine any issues. Re-enable and start everything that was disabled or stopped.

Incidentally, that same basic process flow applies to the Oracle database CPU and Java as well.

The trickiest part is making sure that absolutely everything that could remotely interact with WLS/Java is completely stopped/disabled. My colleague spent many hours chasing file locks until he perfected the process.


Yes, I am dealing with that and was curious if someone could share something here.

Thank you.

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