Options to get rid of <not reported> in Web Reports

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This has to have been solved by now. Anyone have options to clean up OR avoid this condition from happening ?

Option a.

Option b.

Avoid by…

What options are there to hide or get rid of in a Web Report where the relevance is NOT excluding the item.

For example my relevance in my Analysis is only Win2008 and Win2012, but when I do my Web Report it is showing all the Win7

   Computer - New DAT files

or Computer - New OCX files

AND ‘does not contain Win7’ is not an option.

My relevance is ONLY Win2008 and Win2012, but I see the Win7 and I don’t want this condition.


Win7 6.1.7601


Win7 6.1.7601


Win7 6.1.7601


Win7 6.1.7601


Win7 6.1.7601


Win7 6.1.7601

This is FRACKING Annoying. It woudl be solved by letting us do AND/OR for each item, not And or OR