Operators and Master Operators accounts cleanup

I want to remove all accounts that are no longer used and I have some questions.
Actions deployed and open will encounter issues?
Created content will be deleted or no longer available?
Any known issues are known for this task?
Thank you.

If you delete an operator, then any content in their operator site will be “deleted”. This is not true of Master Operators.

If you delete a Master Operator, I think any open actions by them should still work, but it is probably a good idea to stop them and restart them as another operator in most cases.

If you delete an operator, then open actions by them might still work, but it is complicated since deleting the operator should affect the scope of what computers they have management rights over, so I would definitely recommend stopping actions by normal operators before deleting them for this reason.

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Thank you for your help.

If a master operator or an operator is deleted then the content will still be available BUT it must be re-assigned to a different existing operator.
That’s all… all deployed actions remain as they were…

This might be a problem if scopes change in the future, which may not be updated properly for an operator that no longer exists, particularly for something targeted dynamically.


We have removed one MO operator (and will have to remove 2 more).
For the one already removed, we are receiving the following message on Manage Software Distribution Dashboard: “The following list shows owners that no longer exist. These orphaned owners still have shared packages or Application Management Groups associated with their names. Note: All Application Management Groups of an orphaned owner must be stopped before the transfer process is completed. You must associate the resources of the converted local operator to the corresponding LDAP operator.”

Do we have to make sure that all AMGs of orphaned owner are stopped or this is applicable to all actions based on tasks owned by said master operator?

What would be your suggestion in this case?