Operator & Role Permissions Documentation

Where can I find documentation describing what the Console Operator & Role permissions do? They seem pretty explanatory, but it would be useful to have a resource describing what each permission does.

I’ve checked the Operator’s Guide & the Roles Guide, and can’t seem to find anything about permissions.


Hi, I work for the ID Platform team, I’ll update the guide with the information that you requested. In the meanwhile here it comes the answer.
Please let me know if this answer satisfies your request.


Master Operator:
specifies if the operator is or not a Master operator.

Show other operator’s actions:
specifies if the operator can see the actions submitted by other operators

Can create actions:
specifies if the operator can create actions.

Can lock:
specifies if the operator can lock targets. In this way the operator can prevent other operators from running activities on those targets.

Can send refresh to multiple clients:
specifies if the operator can run a refresh on more than one target concurrently by clicking on the Refresh button in the IBM Endpoint Manager console.

Custom content:
specifies if the operator can run from the console activities that require the creation of custom content.

Unmanaged Assets:
specifies if the operator can manage assets on which no IBM Endpoint Manager component is installed.

An Explicit permission is a permission that you are assigning to the operator.

An Effective permission is a permission that derives (is inherited) by the role/s that the operator is assigned to.

If the user has different values set/inherited for the same permission, the less restrictive permission is applied.


Yes, this helps. Thanks!