Operating system version. BigFix returns incorrect data

Hi Team.

I have an issue with BigFix property “Operating System”.

I have a test lab with operating system: 10.0.19045.2604.
But the issue is that BigFix return value: 10.0.19041.2604

Here is a comparison from “cmd: ver” and “operating system” through QNA on the same machine.

How correctly extract operating system version into property?

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What is the version of BESClient?

You need to raise this through support and track it down. They would probably ask you about agent versions and whatnot, as it may have been a known bug that is already fixed in a later version, or if you have older version of a client installed on OS that wasn’t supported at the time. If they do rule out potential impact they can track it as a bug and get it fixed.

That said, I can’t reproduce it but you can use WMI to retrieve the same info:

wmic path Win32_OperatingSystem get Version, BuildNumber
BuildNumber  Version
14393        10.0.14393

q: (string value of property "Version" of it, string value of property "BuildNumber" of it) of select objects "Version, BuildNumber from Win32_OperatingSystem" of wmi
A: 10.0.14393, 14393

Hi ageorgiev.

I was able to get correct data with wmi.

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