One Client reporting to multiple Servers

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Is there any reason why you should not install the BigFix client twice on a single box so that it reports into two different BES Servers. We have just done this accidentally on a single machine and it appears to be working without issue, but what is the “official recommendation”?



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Hello rclarke,

Even if you installed them into their own separate, discrete install directories, the 2 clients would be fighting over the HKLM\Software\BigFix registry hives. This would be bad.

I imagine what has happened to that test machine is that the second installation of the BES Client overwrote/superseded the first and that it is not reporting to its old master any longer. Check the “last report time” on the original server. It should be old.

That is not the official recommendation. I will leave such formalities to the more senior BigFix engineers.



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Hey Rod,

Brolly is correct. The BES Client can only possibly report to one BES Server at a time. It is not possible to have two instances of the BES Client running at once. The last BES Client you install you ran is the “active” install and it overwrote the earlier install.


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Thanks guys … the clarification is much appreciated. The box has indeed stopped reporting into the first BES Server. If I had waited an hour before posting the first time then I would have spotted that fact myself :wink: