Old Tasks / Actions - Do They Really Get Deleted?

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Here is the situation:

We had a couple old actions that were decently large on disk. We decided to check the disk space size before and after deleting the actions and before and after deleting the fixlets / tasks. What appeared to happen was…nothing. We didn’t see and reclamation of disk space. Should this be occuring automatically? How does one compare what is in the wwwbesroot folder with what is actually still current content? Our current wwwbesroot folder is 36GB.

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Good question,

The BES Server actually keeps the last 5 versions of each site in the wwwrootbes folder. It does this so that when clients request an older version or ask for the difference between two versions the server can provide the appropriate data. So, you would need to take several more small actions after deleting the large Fixlets/Action before the data would really disappear from the folder.

Fixlet sites are generally pretty small though and even large Fixlets/Actions have a very small disk footprint. However, the wwwrootbes folder also contains your BES Server download cache. If you have increased the cache size that could account for the disk space. You might want to poke around in the file system there and see where exactly the disk space usage is coming from.

The download cache is wwwrootbes/downloads/sha1

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Ahh we did up the cache size on the server. I guess what we were looking for was a way to clean out the cache and make sure old files / folders were purged, in case any orphaned data was in there. Thanks.

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Ok, you just need to lower the cache size to whatever you want it to be at now and the BES Server will clean out the downloads for you on a least recently used basis. You may have to take an action that requires a new download to trigger the cleaning.