Ofiice 365 patch Size 16.0.14326.20738

Hi, Any one can conform below patch size as its not reflecting in fixlet description

Office 365 Version 16.0.14326.20738 Available - Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel - Office 365 (English (United States))

Those patches usually do not download through your relays or BES Server. They download directly from Microsoft. If you look at the action, you will see both x86 and 64 bit are in the same action and you will see the action uses the Microsoft Update to download and install the updates, not a path to your server.

There are options to store the files on the local network and configure systems to update from there.

The download from Microsoft is a pain. If you have a baseline of office patches that all start at 8 PM, you could have dozens or even hundreds of systems downloading from Microsoft at the same time, causing network headaches.

The last thing that bothers me is the “Pause while”, basically waiting to see if the key changes to the new version because BigFix has no idea how far along the install is. It takes 20 min to determine the patch failed when it fails.

HCL has provided a lot of options around Office C2R versions, you just need to figure out what is best for you.

Thanks this information will help, This time we are using default fixlet for office version upgrade and bofore mass deployment need to inform Network team about this fixlet size…

Below example prefetch where showing size:9935 and there are many prefetch if we calculate all size in GB which is coming 6GB, that’s seem really weird

prefetch v32_16.0.14326.20738.cab sha1:1d6d0678511e316303087badf7a04964db9a262f size:9935 http://officecdn.microsoft.com/pr/7ffbc6bf-bc32-4f92-8982-f9dd17fd3114/office/data/v32_16.0.14326.20738.cab

One point with O365 updates to keep in mind is that as the fixlets support both x86 and x64 versions and are using prefetch, all content will be downloaded before the actions actually run. If there is a total of 6GB for x86 and 6GB for x64, thats 12GB of data that the endpoint will download from the relay and if you are then using the command that pulls direct from Microsoft update, then there another 5-6GB of files being downloaded.

I did submit https://bigfix-ideas.hcltechsw.com/ideas/BFPTCH-I-186 to change this so it can use prefetch blocks which would limit the download to only the content that the endpoints actually needs.

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