Offline computers in the console

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I am facing problem whilw maintaining the console i.e. lots of machine are showing offline in gray colour even though they are online.

what will bw the problem

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Check the logs on those machines they are under \BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData__Global. Either ur machine are not able to connect to BESserver


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By looking at the logs that machines are continuously failing to register with the relay even though that realy is online and trying to direcly report to the server. The error is “Get URL Failed”

what should be the problem.

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From one of these computers, try to cut and paste the url into a web browser and see what sort of error your get. It could be a dns resolution error or a firewall blocking port 52311 for example.

If you could post the error lines in the log that might help as well.

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At 10:53:24 +0530 -

RegisterOnce: Attempting to register with ‘

RegisterOnce: GetURL failed

This is the error.” is my server. I know that this is because of DNS entry is not present in the clients host file and if i enter the host entry it will direcltly report to the server and will come up but this i don’t want because it will icrease traffic on the server I want it to register with relay.

It should register with the relay i.e. as u can see from attached logs it is registered but then also it not showing online in the console and after that it is trying to register with the server.

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Ok, it was able to register with This indicates that it is able to connect and use that BES Relay for the most part. After registering, the BES Client will download the Fixlet sites, most important is the actionsite. It also looks like it is able to download the actionsite correctly. The final step is to post a report. The BES Client won’t show up in the BES Console until it is able to successfully post a report.

Do you see the following lines at any point in the log?

At 09:27:05 -0700 -

Report posted successfully.

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i have a similar problem… it started after i did a DB Cleanup and ran the BES duplicate computer remover, expired computer remover and deleted computer remover tools.

now all my computers appear gray… i restarted the server, it didnt help.

looking at the log file on a client, i see that the registration was successful:

At 14:09:16 +0200 - RegisterOnce: Attempting to register with 
'' Registered

however, i get the following error when trying to post the report:

At 14:10:01 +0200 - Error posting report to: http:

how can i solve this?



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Hi Shlomi,

I sounds like the BES Server http interface is working normally but the process that puts data into the database isn’t working or it is under heavy load.

Are there a bunch of files in this buffer directory?

\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\FillDBData\BufferDir

Check the FillDB Log if so, there might just be a simple database connection problem or something:

Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\FillDBData\FillDB.log

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Hi Tyler,

you were right on the BufferDir folder, there are about 4000 files there. what should i do with them?

also, the filldb.log file says:

Sun, 13 Jan 2008 08:55:09 +0200 -- Unexpected exception: Database Error: [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Login failed 

for user 
''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. (28000:18452)

how can i set the login user for Bigfix? (its working when i test the ODBC connection)



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Hi Shlomi,

It looks like your FillDB process cannot access the database to put the agent reports into the database.

Are you using a remote database? If so, try following the “Troubleshooting” section at