Office 2007 Usage

I am relatively new to IBM Inventory (last significantly used 1.x) and I am trying to find a good way to report on Office 2007 usage in the environment with BigFix Inventory 9.2.2. Currently I can see all the different versions of Office installed and can look at 2007 directly and see the different products and usage. What I am trying to find are what machine are not using office at all either in the last week/month/quarter/year (ideally quarter). When I do Explore Inventory > Microsoft > Microsoft Office I see number of installs and number of unused over period of time, but there does not appear to be an easy way to just get the list of X number of machines unused in the last quarter (the number shown is not a link). When I click on the Computer Count it shows many lines per machine for each product and not just a summary for the machine. I was hoping that if a machine uses one of the products it would be in the “last used” and if a machine has not used office I can easily find them in the “unused”

I can go through each of the products, export to CVS and do some formula to try and figure it out but it looks like something that I should be easily done within the tool? Am I expecting too much or am I missing something obvious in front of my face


Hi tsikma,

I would like to know the same thing. Have you learned how do it?