Office 2007 sp1 and sp2

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I want to deploy office 2007 sp1 and sp2 to about 120 PCs.

I have create a task “Software distribution - Deploy 2007 sp1”

However when i exexcute this task , it runs only when the user loggied in and confirm.

How can i run this task automatically.


CCS support

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Do you have the silent install string set up? You can’t just package the update and deploy it. You might have to add the command strings to silently install it. On a test PC try running <Office 2007 SP1.exe name> /? and find the appropriate command strings.

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Why not use the pre-packaged fixlets ? Then you don’t have to worry about switches etc :slight_smile:

In the BigFix console just click “Fixlet Messages” then click Edit->Find and do a search for “Office 2007 Service Pack”