Office 2007 Converters & Patches

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With the imminent release of Office 2007, Microsoft has decided to change the default file format (eg Word now is *.docx instead of just *.doc etc). MS has created a converter and filter pack for previous versions of Office (ie Office XP or Office 2003) to be able to access 2007 file formats (which can be found here

Is Big Fix going to release a fixlet for this release? Or is it already available (and if so where?)



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Hi Mark,

The “Patches for Windows” Fixlet sites (aka “Enterprise Security”) only covers patches related to security updates.

However, this looks like a straight-forward Fixlet to create and if someone wants to take a shot at creating the relevance or action for it, I am sure there are many people who would benefit. Anyone want to post a Fixlet for this?


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I wrote a Task to deploy the Office 2007 compatibility pack for Office 2000/2003 Users … the relevant action script line looks like follows;

wait __Download\FileFormatConverters.exe /quiet /passive /norestart

Works a treat but need to force a restart after the installation is complete.