Office 2000 patches

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I have an interesting computer issue with a computer needing Office 2000 patches. The information in the summary of the computer indicates that it has Office 2000 installed, and that the executable files do not have any service pack installed. However, under applicable fixlet messages, I do not have the ability to install SR-1a, and under applicable tasks, I don’t have anything that indicates that I can redirect the initial deployment method (or even setup the initial deployment method at all).

Any thoughts on why this is doing this?


Mike Ellis

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Hi Mike,

It appears like you have a Office 2000 version that the current deployment method tasks aren’t detecting correctly; can you provide the exact version of Office 2000 that you are using so we can fix those tasks?

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Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for posting; I think I got this resolved by uninstalling the program and re-installing it. I had come across an issue with this particular install where it didn’t install it for “All Users”, which I had never run across before.

Thanks for replying!

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Hello Jeremy,

I am having a similar issue. However, this is affecting over 250 end points so reinstalling office is not a desirable option. I show the "Microsoft Usupported - Office 2000 SP2 and Earlier’ warning but do not have options on the computer to install SP3 or even SR-1. I have pulled the office version number from serveral of the computers and they all seem to be the same. These computers are a mix of W2K SP4 and WinXP SP3.

Microsoft Office 2000 Professional | 9.00.2720

Any ideas?


Glynn Smith