Office 07 .msp file?

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I am trying to build out a Task to deployed office Project 2007.

Now this is the command for a basic install…

setup.exe /adminfile AssurantAdmin.msp

now in bigifx I have tried

wait __Download\setup.exe /adminfile AssurantAdmin.msp ( no luck )

wait __Download\setup.exe “/adminfile AssurantAdmin.msp” (no luck )

doe sit need to be something like this

wait __Download\setup.exe “__Download/adminfile AssurantAdmin.msp”

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This is the type of actionscript we use in our patch content, so maybe it might give you some clues (we usually suppress the dialog box and the reboot option if possible):

waithidden __Download\office2003-KB2493523-FullFile-ENU.exe /q:a /r:n /c:“msiexec /p MFC11.msp REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qn”

One thing you might be missing is that you need to manually call “msiexec” to run MSP files.

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tried that no luck … I have even tried bigfix soaftware deployemnt tool but for some reason the advance options ( where you would select the .msp ) is greyed out.

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Did you actually create the MSP file first? If so, you can try specifying the exact location of the MSP file with something like your first post (you had a syntax error):

wait __Download\setup.exe /adminfile “C:\test\AssurantAdmin.msp”

If you didn’t know, the “__Download” is the temporary folder where the file was downloaded.

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the msp and the installer are located in the same dir which I am running form the _download .

With that said shouldn’t that be just …

wait __Download\setup.exe /adminfile Admin.msp

or am I to understand that I need to move only the msp to another dir besides the _ Download to make sure it runs successfully ?

Thanks again for the help ,


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The client that runs the action is located in the parent folder of “__Download”, so if the MSP is in the same directory as setup.exe, you will need to specify the __Download path just like with setup.exe. So it should be something like this:

wait __Download\setup.exe /adminfile __Download\AssurantAdmin.msp

Each site has its own __Download directory so when you are running this Fixlet, just check to be sure the files are in the proper __Download directory (this Fixlet’s site).

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ok tried that and it failed …any idea ?

here is s acopy of the Action Script Execution Detail …

Completed download http://bla.COM:52311/Uploads/656f8a7db07a35f0c2dab408c440317481bb1c8f/MSProject2007.tmp

Completed continue if {(size of it = 191132711 AND sha1 of it = “656f8a7db07a35f0c2dab408c440317481bb1c8f”) of file “MSProject2007.tmp” of folder “__Download”}

Completed extract MSProject2007.tmp

Failed wait __Download\setup.exe /adminfile __Download\AssurantAdmin.msp