# of relevant fixlets

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I have a custom site (serverbuilds) where I have created a basline and placed a month of MS updates within it. Then, I use a policy action to deploy the baseline to all clients that are wihtin the serverbuild baseline. I then use the a custom API querey (number of relevant fixlets of site whose (name of it as lowercase contains “serverbuild”)) to determine the number of relevant fixlets, so that I know when patching is complete. The problem is that this querey is returning the number of applicable baselines, not the number of relevant fixlets (that are within the baselines). Is there anyway to get around this? thanks

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Rather than use the custom query technique, why not add an action at the end of the baseline to write a registry key with the completion time?


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Because my goal is to know when if patching is complete or not (by the number of relevant fixlets to = 0), not necessarily to know at what time patching completed.