Odd behaviour of Task in a baseline (MSRT upgrade)

I create baseline each month based on Microsoft’s severity so for April 2014 I lumped all the fixlets from Microsoft with a source severity of “Important” into one group and then The Task of Microsoft Malicious software removal tool - Upgrade" into a second group.
The baseline’s relevancy is a nice, simple “windows of operating system.”

Now , the baseline as a whole reports that there are just 4 machines that have some component applicability in it. however, if I look at the same task "Microsoft Malicious software removal took - upgrade) by itself, IT reports that its relevant for 48!!.. Am I missing something here?

Ok… bit of testing…
In you have a baseline that contains a TASK that is relevant in any GROUP in the baseline, but that baseline contains NO fixlets that are relevant for that machine, it appears that fixlets relevancy trumps task relevancy.

Bit of a major Faux Pas ?

Additional, info, the baselines are manually created…

Hello Pete!

By default tasks don’t contribute to baseline relevance.

If you’d like for the task’s relevance to contribute to baseline relevance than you should expand out the task in the components section of the baseline and select, “Baseline will be relevant on applicable computers where this component is relevant”

Some would argue this makes sense because of the inherent differences between fixlets and tasks: http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS6MER_9.5.0/com.ibm.bigfix.doc/Platform/Console/c_fixlets_vs_tasks.html%23c_fixlets_vs_tasks


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Thanks Bill… That fixed it… I completely missed the expand… Cheers…