November 2021 - Ideas Reference

Below, please find the Ideas created in the Ideas Portal for the month of November 2021 for your reference. You can view their details, as well as vote or provide comments to those that interest you and your organization.

We will work to provide similar references here on the BigFix Forum in this Ideas category on a monthly basis for awareness and to foster additional collaboration.

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URL Idea name Workspace name Automatic script download from the Oracle support website for discovering usage of Oracle Database features Inventory Bigfix Inventory Needs to Inventory Itself Inventory Add AnzioWin 17.2 (Rasmussen Software Inc.) to Catalog file Inventory Crystal Reports 2020 missing in software catalog Inventory Path Length warning during folder upload Lifecycle Create number of computers over x minutes for “Stagger action start times over x minutes to reduce network load” Lifecycle Provide Microsoft Sysmon Updates Patch Patch Policy Scheduling - Add option for 'day-of-month; Patch Add option for UTC in Maintenance Windows Dashboard Patch PeerNest - ignore messages coming from different deployments Platform Add support to the Windows services inspector to differentiate between auto and auto delayed start up types Platform Make it possible to assign an existing user directly to another ldap directory in Console Platform Automatic Console Action Purge via Date Range Platform Add a new “Scripted Properties” functionality that combines Properties and Actions Platform Avoid Relay blocks sending packets in case of network problems (“Connection was reset, errno 10054”) Platform Ability to filter/create ad-hoc groups in WebUI based on a list of values for a given property (such as Computer Name, or IP Address) Platform