Not recognizing clientsettings.cfg for NIX installer on MAC

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I am having difficulty getting the NIX tool installing on MAC computers.

New Installation, 8.2, muliti-customer environment, pc side working successfully. Installing MAC using installer pkg with same masthead and clientsettings file successful.

Deployed using root and password.

Masthead file renamed actionsite.afxm

clientsettings.cfg same as PC file (PC working successfully)

The installation ask for the following line be put in clientsettings.cfg

__RelaySelect_Automatic=0. during install, will not continue without it. After I insert line installation finishes successfuly. The Client never reports into the relays. Logs show “Winsock -6 errors” which are expected in multiuser environment and plist entries point at main server.

The Clientsettings.cfg is not being recognized.