Not able to deploy Patches from Primary Bigfixconsole,

Hi All,
in our deployment we have two terminal servers(primary and backup) and two TEM-Servers(Primary and secondary)
While i am deploying Fixlet / Task through Primary terminal server’s Bigfix console the action status will be in state up to hours and it is not deploying.

if i deploy the same Fixlet / Task from TEMServer’s Bigfix console (or) Backup Terminal server’s Bigfix console it is deploying succesfully.

what is the reason why Fixlet/Task is not deploying from Primary Terminal server and why it is successfully Deploying through TEMServer’s Bigfix console and Backup terminal servers bigfix console.

Please any one help on this.

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Use the BESAdmin tool to check replication between your two servers.

It takes two replication intervals to see an action result if you are using the console attaches to the backup server (one interval for the action to get from the backup server to the primary, and another for the client report to go from the primary back to the secondary).