Not able to assign the Relevance or the GroupRelevance value while creating Fixlet/Task


While creating a Fixlet/Task object in my C# code using the xsd from IBM, I am able to get all the properties but for “Relevance”/“GroupRelevance”. This is causing me hindrance when I am trying to post the same to IEM. It tell that the Relevance is missing. The Fixlet class is not having these properties metioned above.

I would like to know on how to overcome this situation, on how to assign Relevance / GroupRelevance for a Fixlet or Task object in C# code.

Thank you for your help in advance.

These are valid elements of Fixlet xml, see the XSD here

You should test this by outputting the XML to a .bes file using your C# code and then try to import that into the console and see what info it gives you there. If you could provide the (redacted) XML generated by your C# code, then I could try to see where the issue is.