NoSuchSiteID error

I did a search in the forum for this issue of NoSuchSite ID. I did numerous searches in the forum and most of the answers recommended to contact Support. I contacted Support and advised to come to this site.


What support did you contact that told you to go to the BigFix Forums instead of helping you?

Did you file a pmr with IBM? How to ask for IBM product help: PMRs, RFEs, and more

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If this is custom content, IBM Support may well have directed him here.

We are going to need a lot more context than this to be helpful. Where is this screen shot taken? Is this a dashboard? Fixlet? Action history? What Site is this in?

The email I had communication from was this I did file a PMR. A gentleman called me and stated they don’t normally deal with custom content issues and to post on the forum

The screen shot was taken from the web reports portal. this is a custom web report that was created.

You’ll have to post more details about what the web report is trying to do.