No SCM domain

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I have installed new TEM with Patch Management and Security Management.

I enabled SCM sites for few systems but still I don’t see Security Management domain.

Do I have to activate something else?

When last time I have tested TEM this domain was available immediately after DISA STIG sites have been enabled.

I have little experience in TEM, so sorry for my lay question.



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Hi Madej,

I believe the domain you’re looking for is actually called “Security Configuration”, and this domain should show up as soon as your console is subscribed to the “SCM Reporting” site. If you navigate to All Content -> Sites -> External Sites, you should see SCM Reporting in that list if you have correctly installed the SCM product. You can also navigate to the BigFix Management domain, and open the License Overview dashboard to see if SCM Reporting shows up there. My guess is that for whatever reason, this site never got added to your console, and that’s why the domain isn’t showing up. If this is the case, you can first check to see whether SCM Reporting appears on your License Overview dashboard (it should be under the sub-section titled “Security and Compliance”). If it shows up under “Available Sites” with an “Enable” link to the left of it, you can simply click that link, and this should automatically solve your problem. However, if you don’t see it under “Available Sites”, or if it is already listed in the “Product License Counts” table but you still don’t see the domain, please contact your IBM sales representative to help you diagnose what might have caused this problem (for example, maybe a glitch in the licensing process).


Craig Povey

Software Engineer - Tivoli Endpoint Manager (SCM)