No refresh of iOS-devices in TEM-console / problem with iOSProxyPlugin.exe

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Hi all,

for any reason the TEM-console does not update connected iOS-devices and does not show any newly registered iOS-devices (already removed and reinstalled all the MDM-components but the problem still exists) which is strange because this worked perfectly until Tuesday :frowning:

I definately can see that the iOS-devices are talking to the mgmt. extender for iOS in the logfile ‘iosmdm.log’, also the files under …\Management Extender\Plugins\Apple iOS 1\DeviceReports get updated. For any reason no updates for any existing iOS-device (e.g. Last Report Time) are shown in the console. Also new devices do show up in the logfile and directory DeviceReports but do not get added to the console for any reason.

Alle entries on the /diag-page of the mgmt-extender look o.k. clearing the cache and relaunching the console does not change anything.

As far as I can see the Proxy Agent does not launch any plugin which could be the possibel reason for console not getting updated because the entries like

… ---- Plugin Invocation Thread (6332) – Launching plugin: “C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\Management Extender\Plugins\Apple iOS 1\plugin\iOSProxyPlugin.exe” --configOptions “port=52315;passwordFile=C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\Management Extender\Plugins\Apple iOS 1\plugin\” --commandDir “C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\Management Extender\Plugins\Apple iOS 1\PendingRefreshes”

are missing (see attached logfile of Proxy Agent). I think this is the cause for the missing console-refresh but do not know if I’m right and also do not know why no more plugins are launched.

Any ideas how to analyze / solve this problem?

Thx B.

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According to your proxy agent log, it seems that the proxy agent was not able to communicate the local relay for posting latest device properties etc.

You should check the status of your local relay by verifying whether the local agent is able to communicate with it properly. Furthermore, you can check to see whether there is any configuration change on that relay.