No package <package name> available

Hello all,

I am having trouble patching RHEL 6(.4). When I apply a patch, I can see the error No package ‘package name’ available in file EDR_DeploymentResults. What could the issue be?

I have upgraded the RHSM plugin to the latest version, added the proxy information and put the cert files in the corresponding directory, but the problem still persists.

Thank you in advance!


  1. need to verify download plugin is working, you can run download plugin with --check-baserepos to do it.
  2. cleanup caches. On the bes server, in the download plugin folder this is a cache folder, you can delete it. on the endpoint, the cache can be cleared with fixlet OUBLESHOOTING: RHEL 7 Patching Deployment Logs - Cleanup

If the Fixlet is superseded, it is possible that this patch is removed from the repo by Red Hat.
Maybe you want to try the superseding fixlet.


@ChuxinZhao Thank you SO much! Deleting the cache folder solved my problem!