No clients reporting

(imported topic written by Shawn_Jefferson)

We currently have a problem with our Bigfix system. No clients are reporting to the bigfix server (all clients are greyed out), and haven’t reported since yesterday at 10am. I need some help getthing our system working again.

I’ve called in to Tech Support (4 times actually), but haven’t got a call back from them yet.

Anything I can look at? The BES Diagnostics tool shows all green.

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Hey Shawn,

It looks like a support techinician got in touch with you shortly after you posted this, correct?

As a general comment to answer your question for all, when you see all agents not reporting (even the BigFix Server), it tends to be a problem with either the RootServer or something about the data getting into the database. BES Diagnostics reports the status of the RootServer so that was the right first step to trying to figure this situation out. The next steps would be to look at the database and the BigFix FillDB service (there is a FillDB log in the BES Server subfolder and it will report errors) and see if they appear to be functioning properly (which I believe you guys found the error was a users permission error).

Glad to hear that it was simple to resolve once we identified the issue…