No Actions in Custom Sites for 8.2

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After upgrading to 8.2, I do not see actions in custom sites. I opened a PMR for this and I was told that this is the way it works. I was skeptical because the support engineer told me it was that was in 8.1, and I know that it wasn’t.

It is very helpful the show the actions that were taken from a custom site in the custom site without having to go to “All Content” to see actions.

We use custom sites regularly. We use them for monthly Microsoft patching and for testing packages. When we are working in one of our custom sites it is very convenient to stay in the site without having to jump up to all content.

I will create an RFE.

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This is a known issue. I’m not so familiar with RFE’s, but if you want, you can reference bug #28332, which is our internal bug number for this request.

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Thanks. I won’t need to fill out an RFE then. An RFE is a request for enhancement. The link is