NMO actions randomly appearing in Master Action Site


I am currently seeing some interesting behavior where actions by a non-master operator are appearing as being issued from the Master Action Site:

The actions don’t appear to be processed as master action site actions (they don’t exist in the Master Action Site > Actions pane or in the ActionSite site folder on the client) but they are appearing as such in the console.

Any ideas?

Was the Source Fixlet in the Master Action Site maybe? What version of BES Server are you running?

Source fixlet was not in master action site, in this case the fixlet is in the operator’s private site. is the server version.

Mailboxed actions that would “normally” have been in the Master Action site but they were targeted differently are in a different directory but still have the “Site” listed as the Master Action site

It seems as though this occurs if a non-master operator makes an sourced fixlet id action (a normal fixlet action) and then deletes the source fixlet of the action. The site of the action appears to default back to Master Action Site.

  1. Login as a non-master operator
  2. Make a fixlet
  3. Take action on a machine
  4. Delete the source fixlet
  5. Look at action in console, it now appears as coming from the Master Action Site

Ahh, that’s interesting, and now that you jog my memory, yes I’ve seen that before as well.