NMAP Scan Setup Help

New to Bigfix and very new to using the Asset Discover piece. I wanted to get some advice on the best way to implement the Nmap scanning for our organization.

We have roughly 32 geographically dispersed sites that all have different routable class C address spaces along with a RFC1918 class C at each site. Each site will have their own scan point which will mostly be an existing Linux system. Our requirement is to do daily Nmap scans at each location on their respective class Cs.

My first thought was to use the Nmap Wizard to create a separate fixlet for each site that has their specific IP space entered when the fixlet is created. Then each would use the scan point that is located at the site and would be setup to scan daily. It seemed, based on my experience using other scan tools, that this would provide a decent way to organize the scans and allow for easy modification (i.e. scanned ports and IPs) down the road.

On the other hand, the Enterprise Bigfix instance that we leverage already has a few Run Nmap scan fixlets that can be used to launch scans. I assume that I can just use the same fixlet for each site scan, enter the networks I want scanned for a site, and have it run daily. Repeat 32 times. I assume that would work, but am not sure long term if it would be best to just create a different fixlet for each site as mentioned above.

Hope this makes sense. Any suggestions on the best way to roll this out?