Nmap Scan Rerun Next Day on Failure

This is a follow up to a previous thread. I have several separate nmap scans that are scheduled to run daily on various IP space.

Sometimes there seems to be an issue with the scan and once that happens the scan never runs again. For example, a scan failed at the “archive now” point at the end and hasn’t run since.

I would like to setup the action to make sure it continues to run again in the future if there is some kind of failure without reissuing the action. I assume I would need to do this in the “On failure, retry” section, but not sure how to best do that since it’s a daily action.

I’m not clear on how to setup the failure action since this is a daily action.

Ideally, If the scan were to fail, I’d like the scan to run the next day without any interaction on my part. Is the below screen shot the correct way to do this?

Yes, but you’ll also want to set the Reapply option so it also runs again daily when it succeeds.