*NIX Client Deploy Tool default installation path for Win


I’m having a problem with Win Client Deploy Tool which is returning following during installation:
0x80070035 network path was not found

If using *NIX CDT for Win installations for the same endpoints, I’m having successful installation. The only problem with *NIX is I can’t modify default installation directory.
Is there someone who knows how to change it?


I am not sure, but select the Not installed agent status installation process and select advance option and find out more

Hi Nagaraj,

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no such option for *NIX Client Deploy Tool. Here is what I’m using:



I’ve double-checked and it seems that same error is preventing me to install BigFix Clients from both *NIX and Win Client Deploy Tool’s. The error is:
0x80070035 network path was not found

I have been troubleshooting this error using the following link:

Still haven’t got success with more than 300 endpoints…

Sorry if i am wrong,
The advance option available only on Windows client deployment tool, and the error “0x80070035 network path was not found” may check when the machine using windows CDT that machines need to access all the target machines “IP Range which you want to deploy agent” and admin share must enable, RPC must running,

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Thx Nagaraj.

This was due to Remote Connection not available.