New to BigFix. Report to show client out of compliance for any reason?

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We use SCCM here and one problem we have experienced is that in using DCM, there is no way to compare a client to a baseline configuration and report if any software/applications have changed.

There is a 3rd party solution (Silect CP Studio), but I want to see if BigFix does any sort of baseline comparison reporting across the enterprise.



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Hey Jon,

I don’t know much about Silect CP Studio, but you can do this:

If you have used the software deployment wizard and made Tasks for all your software installs (and used the option in the wizard that detects when the application in installed), then you can put your Tasks in a Baseline and then any computer that is missing one of the applications will become relevant to the Baseline.


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thanks for the quick reply Ben.

I understand that we can monitor if an application is not installed, but what I am looking for is to monitor is a machine installs an application that is not part of the baseline - any application.

So if a user installs ‘Solitare 2.0’ for example, the report will show that machine as not compliant because it has extra software installed.

Is that possible?