New Release: IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices Version 2.5

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IBM is pleased to announce the release of IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices Version 2.5!

Site Version 81 - December 12, 2013

Major Release Features

  • Microsoft Exchange Management Extender:

  • Enable support of Exchange 2013.

  • Plugin implementation for multitenant deployments.

  • Lotus Traveler Management Extender:

  • oPlugin implementation for multitenant deployments.

  • iOS 7 App Configuration Support.

The Enterprise App Management Dashboard now includes the capability to create and manage custom App Configurations in supported iOS 7 apps.

  • iOS 7 App Feedback Support.

A new inspector receives data from supported iOS apps. This data is found in device’s Summary tab or the Apps - Android / Apple iOS analysis.

Required Actions

  • Update Lotus Traveler Management Extenders in your deployment.
  • Update Microsoft Exchange Management Extenders in your deployment.

Related Links

  • Release Notes: developerWorks Release Notes
  • Documentation is available on the IBM Endpoint Manager v9.0 Information Center after the refresh on 12/13/13: Information Center

Application Engineering Team,

IBM Endpoint Manager

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one questions to the new feature ->
iOS 7 App Configuration Support

Can you give me an example with the
Lotus Notes Companion
App? Where can I find the parameters of this APP???

E.g. to config the server URL and so on??

Thanks Andi

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Hello Andi,

While we have updated our product to support the delivery of configurations to apps, it is up to the app developers to define the set of configuration options that can be delivered. In this case, you would need to contact the Lotus Notes Companion developers to see if they have updated their app to allow configuration through MDM vendors.

If configurable options are possible, you can learn more about how to send them to devices here: