New Query Tool for WebUI

I had a quick question regarding the new Query tool in the new WebUI. Has anyone asked to get this functionality built into Webreports so that non-webui users could use this new feature? When I saw the Webui at Interconnect, it sounded like it consumed a ton of resources per user, and it sounded like something that we would not be moving to until it has been refined, particularly regarding performance. However, I would love the feature to query my endpoints in real-time like in the new Query piece. Please let me know, thank you

Update - Adding to New Query tool subject already added, sorry for the new post.

Query is exclusively a part of the WebUI.

The WebUI works great for environments with under 60k endpoints and under 30 concurrent operators.

You can enable it and play with it without a huge impact on performance. If you don’t have ~60k endpoints I’d enable it!

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Just to say those are point in time and “rule of thumb” figures and there is differences between running it on Linux vs Windows so for anyone enabling WebUI check the latest version of the performance and scale paper for details as well as the latest release notes.

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