New BigFix Relay

(imported topic written by BenKus)

Hi everyone,

As you may have seen from the BES Admin announcement, there is a new 7.1.7 Relay. The basic change for the new relay is that it will better handle situations in which the BigFix Server is not functioning properly and the BigFix Agent reports start to form a backlog. In such a situation, there is a limit in the relay that will only let the backlog grow for a while, but this limit was not working properly in

So although it is a fairly rare situation for your relays to form a large backlog, we recommend you upgrade your relays whenever you get a chance so that you can avoid large relay backlogs.

Note that the bigger the deployment, the more likely this will be a problem. If you have 150,000 computers, then this is much more of a problem than if you only have 1,000 computers.

Also note that all 7.1 relays will work with all other 7.1 components with no problems (there is no problem mixing and matching different 7.1.x components).

At this time, we don’t expect to release a 7.1.7 version of other components.