Nero Version

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We have several verisons of Nero installed on our workstations. Is there a generic way of bringing back the Nero version and product key used by a fixlet. Nero 6 seems to install to C:\program files\Ahead and Nero 7 installs to C:\program files\Nero. Any Help would be appreciated.

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Hey Dean,

On the BES License and Inventory site, we have a “Windows Applications” analysis that allows you to get all installed applications on a computer. Do you have this activated? If so, you can see the name and version of each application installed.

If Nero does something funky and misreports its version number in the registry, you can make a custom property to just look up version of the executable in those folders. If you have the name of the .exe file, I can help you make the relevance. It will look something like this:

if (exists folders (“C:\program files\Ahead”;“C:\program files\Nero”)) then version of file “nero.exe” of folders (“C:\program files\Ahead”;“C:\program files\Nero”) else “n/a”