Need to know start type of service via relevance

HI All,
I need to know the start type of service, I am using the beloe relevance but its not showing the correct output, please suggest

Q: if exists service “TrustedInstaller” whose (Display name of it contains “TrustedInstaller”) then start type of service “TrustedInstaller” else "Not exist"
A: Not exist
T: 95.585 ms

The service on the machine exists and start type is manual but it shows as “Not Exist”

I tried the below relevance but unable to understand the meaning of “Demand”:-1:
q: if (exists service “TrustedINstaller”) then (start type of service “TrustedInstaller”) else "Not Installed"
A: demand
T: 0.224 ms

Please suggest

The second one is correct.

Demand start means the service will start if required. In the Services console it will show ad Manual.

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You can also pluralise the query which allows you simplify the statement

Q: start types of services "besclient"
A: auto
T: 0.393 ms
I: plural string

Q: start types of services "notarealservice"
T: 0.329 ms
I: plural string
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