Need to exclude particular IP's in checks

Kindly help me with this new requirement in Bigfix, I need to exclude particular IP’s in some checks.

For example:
Ubuntu 22 Check: Ensure http server is not installed.

This checks need to exclude in 8 servers.
Kindly help me with this requirement.


There could be many possibilities:

  • You can use computer name relevance to filter out device which you want to exclude, example:
name of computer != "YourDeviceName"


(it as string as lowercase does not contain "YourDeviceCommonThing" as lowercase) of name of computer
  • if its one time requirement & you want to exclude few machines, example:

(computer name as uppercase) is not contained by set of (("Server1";"Server2";"Server3") as uppercase)

  • If its a frequent requirement, you can create a computer group & exclude whole group from it, example:
  • You may also try client-setting based exclusion based on a fixlet or the entire site.