Need the Relevance for below query

In the prefetch section where it downloads the huge file at the start of the fixlet, we want to set logic on it so if the file exists in the folder, AND the unpacked folder equals the exact unzipped size the fixlet will NOT download this file again but run through the rest of the fixlet.

is there a need the relevance to check file and folder with size

on a phone, so I can’t check this but if something based on the below is true you need to do your download

not exists folder "<fully qualified path>" whose (exists file "" whose (size of it = <file size>) of it)


tried this logic too first time manually add task then exported xml file then import through action script but did not work, user have very limited access if any user login admin credential then task reflecting there but not for limited access users…

I’m not sure you have posted this in the correct thread

my bad yes you are correct…