Need some help with system lifecycle

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Hello all. Im looking for some help here or maybe just another set of eyes. I recently have added the license for Systems Lifecycles into my TEM version 9.0.835 server. I have the instructions for setting up asset discovery but have run into an issue. In the systems lifecycle domain, i have no relevant content. When i click the “show non-relevant content” button, i am able to see the setup files i am looking for. Unfortunately, because they show up as non-relevant, i am not able to deploy them. Have i missed something along the way? I attached a screen shot of the systems lifecycle domain where is shows all content as non-relevant as well as the setup guide i found online. Thank you for your help in advance.

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Are your endpoints subscribed to the Assett Discovery site?

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I actually solved the issue and forgot to update this thread. I discovered that my endpoints hadn’t reported back to the server in over 10 days and it was causing everything to show up as non-relevant. I fixed that issue and was able to configure asset discovery.