Need rest api to update the value of parameters in a cis check list fixlets

Hi Team,
i am looking for an API to update the values of parameters of a cis checklist fixlet.

For example , i have this fixlet i want to update the value to 15 and then execute an action using an API . I need a payload for this

Any help on this will be appreciated.

I’m not sure if there is a direct method for modifying a fixlet using API, but I know it’s possible, and I did it for our fixlet, which has hard coded entries that need to be updated every year without having to create a new fixlet.

If the automation is a recurring operation, you will need to write a script; nonetheless, manual execution is simple.

//Step1 export/dowload the fixlet using API
iem.exe get fixlet/custom/sitename/fixletID >> fixletID.xml

//Step2 modify the exported xml file with desired value & this is the part which require scripting if there are many item & doing it manually could produce errors

//Step3 upload modified copy with same FixletID
iem.exe put fixletID.xml fixlet/custom/sitename/fixletID

//Step4 post your action using with fixlet ID