Need report of Primary IP Address for Windows 10 PCs

My hardware inventory report in BFI includes IP Address. Over half of the PCs are reporting more than one IP Address with some showing four. I understand the multiple IP Addresses are because of RDP, Citrix, etc. (virtual) connections. We do not use static IP Addresses.

I can view all of the IP Addresses when I run the IPCONFIG command on a PC. The virtual connections show up as VMWare Network Adapters under IPCONFIG command. The “Primary” network connection is shown as Ethernet adapter Ethernet and is shown with a Connection-specific DNS Suffix.

I need to be able to report the Primary IP Address - the address associated witht the Connection-specific DNS Suffix. How can I get that address included in the BFI HW report?

I found this thread but it is related to Unix servers - Retrieving a "Primary IP Address".

Perhaps you could use registration address of client as a proxy for the primary IP address.

This inspector returns the IP address (as an <ipv4or6 address> type) that the specified BigFix client registered with.