Need info of folders/files which are accessed by Bigfix console

Dear Folks,

We are installing the latest version of Bigfix console in Windows servers & would like to know the details of folders/files which are accessed by “Bigfix console” functional user.

The problem is, the bigfix console is accessible if we make the functional user as “Administrator”. According to our environment, we don’t want this functional user to be as “Administrator” and wanted to restrict the access only to the files which are access by it.

Also, the “IBM License Metric Tool service” is not running if we remove the functional user of BigConsole from “Administrators”.

The cache files are at c:\users\username\appdata\local\bigfix , but this isn’t the error I would expect if you had written those with elevated rights and then tried to run without them (you’d get a “File I/O error” referencing the directory instead).

This looks like a network control - is there a proxy between the console and root server that’s tied to your user rights, or an IPSec policy, or something like that?