Need help with Broker

I’m trying to make the Remote Control Broker to work and need some guidance.
I’ve installed the Remote Control Server and Remote Control Broker, I’ve created a task using the Remote Control Target Wizard to deploy to some computers but the web portal shows no targets to start a session.
I’m probably missing something and haven’t found any documentation on how to register the computers to start a broker session. So far we’ve been using peer-to-peer mode, but with the growing number of users in homeworking the use of broker sessions has been extremely necessary.
Thanks in advance.

Hi gfajunior,

With the current implementation in the latest FP4, the Targets register to the server only if they can directly reach the RC server or when the first Broker session is established from the Targets to the Broker.

This is how you can start a Broker session:

I have restarted the Broker installation from scratch following the three videos available at
But I keep getting Error retrieving the list of trusted certificates for Broker connections
Checking the log file it seems pretty much like presented at the mentioned videos including the line I0000 listening on
Thanks to @f.pezzotti clarification I was able to manage the targets to register to the server then I was able to start a regular control session directly from the server but not a broker session.
The Broker and the RC server are the same computer. Is that a problem? Should I have one server for the RC and one for the broker?
Thanks in advance.

Hi gfajunior,

Usually the error “Error retrieving the list of trusted certificates for Broker connections” means that the Controller failed to connect to the either the server or the broker depending on where the Controller is positioned. If the Controller is in the intranet most probably the connection to the RC server failed or the certificate returned by the server contains a CN that doesn’t match the URL used to connect to the server. If the Controller is on Internet you are using the Lite Web Portal and the problem can be related to either the connection to the Broker or the Broker certificate. In any case you should enable the Controller log and take a look at it (follow the section “Enable debug in the local controller configuration”):

About the coexistence of RC and Broker this is not a good practice. That’s because the Broker is pubblic accessible on Internet and from a security point it’s not good having the RC server on the same machine. Also keep in mind that the performance and the capacity of the Broker might also be affected (less memory and less cpu).