Need help with analysis in picking values

I was trying to fetch some data from file which starts with blank spaces.
I only need to fetch data from that file
Kindly suggest.
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/6/6b26d1bd20abf5890c93f4614eaf9502b956bd11.jpg" width=“618” height="262"
Need to only pick data from file and no blank or empty lines.

You need to use a WHOSE clause in the relevance. I’m answering this from an iPad, so I can’t test, but try something like …

Lines whose (it != "") of file "..."

If you want a specific line, you can use something like …

Lines whose (it as lowercase starts with "filesystemrights") of File "..."

Obviously, replace the “…” With your file name.

Thanks Tim for your quick response !!