Need help understanding why a fixlet doesn't work, but custom action does

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Greetings, I’m trying to understand why when I hit “Take Custom Action”, and I fill in the following two lines in the action tab

setting “_BESClient_Comm_CommandPollEnable”=“1” on “{parameter “action issue date” of action}” for client

setting “_BESClient_Comm_CommandPollIntervalSeconds”=“9000” on “{parameter “action issue date” of action}” for client

it always works fine on the target computer, but if I choose “Create A New Fixlet” with exactly the same lines and then take an action from that fixlet on the same target computer it always fails.

I’m a complete newbie at this and I’m probably missing something really obvious, but I can’t for the life of me see what that is, please help.


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Found it, I had to mark “Include custom success criteria” and change it to “All lines have been completely successfully”, I guess by default it didn’t actually fail, it just reported as failed because it couldn’t evaluate to false on the applicability because I gave no such command.

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Correct. This is really the main difference between a Fixlet and a Task. It is the “Success” criteria. When you create a Task the default success criteria is “All lines must complete successfully.” Whereas a Fixlet will re-evaluate the relevance and it must have changed from TRUE to FALSE to be considered successful.

So if you do the below, you might prefer “create new task”

Optionally if you want to change settings as you are doing below you could simply use the “edit computer settings” option.

  1. Right click on any computer

  2. Choose the “more options” button in the bottom left.

  3. Choose the settings, targets, etc.